Welcome to UC Davis Civil and Environmental Engineering!

The faculty, students, and staff of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering are leading the development, through education and research, of sustainable solutions to the most pressing societal problems of today.

Here in CEE, our students develop foundational knowledge that they extend through hands-on learning experiences. They are doers who want to make a difference in the word, but moreover learn how to think critically, define problems, and create socially conscious and technically sound solutions to infrastructure and environmental challenges. Our faculty and student research helps shape California and U.S. policy on and responses to a wide range of issues with a broad focus on ensuring the resilience of our infrastructure in the face of hazards such as climate change, earthquakes, fires, and droughts.

Our Department is an intellectually vibrant, highly collaborative, and increasingly diverse place where all students, faculty, researchers, and staff embrace the public mission of the University of California and have the opportunity to reach their highest potential.

Through the efforts and contributions of the CEE community comprising current students and our numerous and distinguished Alumni, our faculty and staff, and the broader University, CEE continues to thrive as a world-renowned program at one of the top public Universities anywhere.

Civil and environmental engineering