2022 Civil and Environmental Engineering Award and Scholarship Winners


Department Citation 2021-2022: Given to graduating seniors in recognition of their outstanding academic achievement.

  • Ben Blair
  • Tingxian Liu
  • Cham Said
  • Martin Liu
  • Jessica Ha
  • Laura Wadsworth
  • Sergio Jimenez
  • Yi Yang
  • Fatima Segoviano
  • Michelle Zhang

Civil Engineering Senior Scholarship: Established for Civil Engineering Undergraduate Support.

  • Nadiyah Helal

Amorocho Memorial Prize: Established in 1987 as a memorial to UC Davis Professor Jaime Amorocho for a civil engineering student in the field of water resources. 

  • Carol Teangh
  • Ginevra Augustini

Gary E. Hackney and Natalie A. Poole Scholarship: Established by Gary Hackney and Natalie Poole in 2016. Meant to provide support to students pursuing an academic curriculum related to infrastructure.

  • Delbert Truong

Walter D. Buehler Scholarships: Established by his wife, Carol, in 1986 in honor of his 60th birthday, this scholarship recognizes the founder of the Buehler, Buehler & Associates structural engineering firm. Mr. Buehler was the structural designer of Bainer Hall.

  • Irvin Rodriguez
  • Oksana Piynyuk

Civil & Environmental Engineering Undergraduate Excellence Award: Given annually to an outstanding undergraduate or graduate civil engineering student in honor of the memory of Robert Wiley Ross and his wife.

  • Henry Reich
  • Freesia Finn

Risken Environmental Engineering Award: Given to a student (or group of undergraduates) working on a project related to air/water/environmental quality improvement.

  • Yuting Wu

The Beaver’s Charitable Trust Awards: Established in 2005 by the Beavers Organization, the Beaver’s Charitable Trust Award supports student’s interest in pursuing a career in the heavy construction industry.  

  • Shen Huot
  • Nathan Le

Chevron Scholar Award: Made possible by Chevron Corporation. Given to a full-time student attending UC Davis.

  • Kelsey Gill

  • Julie Nguyen

Dutra Scholarship: Established by Bill Dutra and Harry Stewart of the Dutra group in 2018, the Dutra Award supports one student heading for a career in the heavy construction industry. 

  • Joshua Vega

Outstanding Senior Awards: The Outstanding Senior Awards recognize graduating seniors who have made significant contributions to the learning environment through active academic engagement at UC Davis. This prestigious award is given to seniors across campus and is distinct from the departmental awards. Each College of Engineering department selects one graduating senior per major. 

  • Ruby Telfer
  • Matthew Chen 

Takashi Asano Scholarship: Established by the Takashi and Holly Newcomb Asano Scholarship and Fellowship fund to support undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Julian Lopez 
  • Nicole Madey
  • Lillian Smith-Langes
  • Katherine Lacaze