Lijuan (Dawn) Cheng

Dawn Cheng

Position Title

Civil and Environmental Engineering

3161 Ghausi

Dr. Cheng is interested in the infrastructure design and renewal using advanced fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites and other engineered materials. The Cheng group focuses on the FRP-based efficient strengthening technique and reinforcement alternative, the long-term fatigue durability of FRPs as the strengthened structures, smart embedded sensing techniques, and alternative construction materials engineered from tire derived aggregates and nanomaterials. Efforts in these research areas aim to address challenging transportation needs and improve the longevity and safety of the existing structures in addition to the construction of next generation resilient civil infrastructures.

Awards & Honors

  • 2017 Outstanding Reviewer, ASCE Journal of Composites for Construction
  • 2014 Adviser of Excellence, 2014-2015, Theta Tau, UC Davis Student Chapter
  • 2011 Adviser of Excellence, 2011-2012, Theta Tau, UC Davis Student Chapter
  • 2008 Hellman Fellow Award, 2008-2009, UC Davis
  • 2007 PCA Continuing Education Units Award, the Engineering and Economics of Reinforced Concrete Buildings, Design of Concrete Bridges by the AASHTO LRFD Specifications, Skokie, IL, Portland Cement Association
  • 2006 Outstanding Alumni, Department of Structural Engineering, UC San Diego
  • 2006 ExCEEd Teaching Fellow, American Society of Civil Engineers
  • 2004 Simon Wong Graduate Research Award, Jacobs School of Engineering, UC San Diego
  • 2002 Graduate Research Award, Jacobs School of Engineering, UC San Diego.