Michael Zhang

Michael Zhang

Position Title

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
3127 Ghausi

Professor Zhang studies the dynamic behavior of transportation systems and develops novel methods to improve transportation system performance. The Zhang lab carries out research in traffic flow modeling, traffic control, transportation economics, and intelligent transportation systems.  Their work aims to provide a better understanding of network traffic flow dynamics, develop novel techniques to manage traffic in a more connected environment, and obtain insights on how new technologies, such as smart sensors, wireless communication, and automation can be used to improve the transportation system in multiple dimensions: safety, productivity, sustainability, and equity. 

Awards & Honors

  • Distinguished Visiting Professor, School of Transportation Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, China, October 2014-
  • CAREER AWARD, National Science Foundation, 2000
  • Old Gold Fellowship, The University of Iowa, 1996
  • University of California Regents Fellowship, 1993-1994