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Heather Bischel Awarded Zeno Karl Schindler EPFL Prize in Environmental Science and Sustainability

Civil and Environmental Engineering Assistant Professor Heather Bischel was recently honored by the Zeno Karl Schindler Foundation in Geneva, Switzerland, for her research on sustainable sanitation.

The purpose of the Zeno Karl Schindler/EPFL Prize is to distinguish a high level research project and publications of particular excellence performed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) in the field of environmental sciences and/or sustainability.

Bischel specifically was recognized “for her contributions to the development and evaluation of sustainable solutions for sanitation and resource recovery in low-income settings. Her highly interdisciplinary work is instrumental to both public health protection and consumer acceptance of a promising technology.”

Dr, Bischel's research interests are water sustainability; pathogens and micropollutants; resource-oriented sanitation; water quality and reuse.

Congratulations, Dr. Bischel!

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