Policies for Enrollment into department courses

To ensure equity in student enrollment and support degree completion, the University of California, Davis utilizes block enrollment periods. These pass times are generated by the registrar's office. A students' enrollment date/time can be located on their OASIS portal.

Pass 1 Enrollment:
  • Limited to a MAX of 17 units.
  • Students are encouraged to enroll into their major coursework required for graduation during this time.
Pass 2 Enrollment:
  • Limited to a MAX of 19 units
Scheduling Adjustment:
  • Enrollment in up to 28.5 units allowed.
  • Enrollment restrictions may be lifted during this time.
Open hours:
  • Students are able to modify their coursework, even after their designated pass time.

You may reference specific information on the date/time by visiting the academic calendar.

Enrollment Exceptions

  • Petition to Add (PTA)
  • We always do our best to provide as many seats in ECI courses (including ENG 35 and ENG 104/104L) as we can, and can sometimes increase the maximum capacity of courses with large waitlists (depending on classroom size and TA/instructor resources). If you are trying to get into a course that is currently full, the best option is to waitlist and also find a backup class in case you are not able to get in. Your instructor will keep you informed about any developments related to enrollment.  If expansion is not possible, your only way to get off of the waitlist is if enrolled students drop the course.

    We will not provide PTA numbers during pass one registration and will only consider issuing PTAs to students beginning pass two registration in the following situations:

    ♦   You are a graduating student, meet all prerequisites, and must take this specific ECI course this quarter (and there are no alternative available options) otherwise your graduation will be delayed. You must provide email documentation from your academic advisor confirming you have no other options and must take this course now to graduate on time. Even if documentation is provided, the department may still deny the PTA request if the course cannot accommodate additional students.
    ♦   You were dropped from the course due to non-payment.
    ♦  You were dropped from the course due to an administrative (University) error.
    ♦  You meet all the prerequisites, there is room in the course, it is after the 12th day of instruction, and your instructor has approved your PTA request (e.g. you are adding a 198 or 199 later in the quarter).
    ♦  Your pre-requisite petition was denied, but you have proof of meeting the pre-requisites. 

    Documentation of the situations above will be required. Please note that students who attempt to mislead their instructors and/or department staff about their situation in attempts to justify the need for a PTA may be referred to Student Judicial Affairs. For questions about PTD numbers, please reach out to the College of Engineering.

  • Graduate Students

  • PTA numbers will not be issued until the second pass time and even then will not be guaranteed. Seats must be available in the course and section you choose.

    1. Reach out to the faculty of the course for their approval to enroll. 
    2. Forward email approval from faculty to civiladvising@ucdavis.edu
     along with the CRN of the section of interest and student ID Number.