Double Major: ECIV & EENV

Interested in doing the Double Major? Plan accordingly.

Students may choose to declare both majors under the department. However, students must acknowledge that it may take more than the typical four years to complete both major requirements, and must be prepared to take on the additional workload. Students who double-major can expect to take a few extra summer sessions, an extra fall quarter, or a full fifth year at UC Davis.


It is important to note that students who complete the double major will be required to complete their Senior Design project in Environmental Engineering. 

If you wish to double-major in both programs, it is highly recommended you meet with an advisor to create a graduation plan that meets all requirements. As both curriculums are constantly evolving to meet ABET requirements, it is essential for double-majoring students to stay on top of their course planning to prevent a delay in graduation.

Degree Worksheets & Check Offs

Engineering students are required to complete degree requirements in effect the academic year they graduate or the academic year prior to the year of graduation. For example, students who plan to graduate during the 2022-2023 academic year must meet requirements for 2021-2022 or 2022-2023.

At a Glance

  • Lower Division (85 units)
    Courses in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Engineering
  • Upper Division Engineering Subjects (33 units)
    Courses in foundational engineering concepts 
  • Environmental Engineering Electives (33 units)
    Courses in Environmental Engineering, Water Resources and risk & uncertainty planning 
  • Civil Engineering Breadths and Electives (12-13 units)
    Courses in Transportation, Geotechnical or Structural Engineering 
  • Upper Division Composition (0-4 units)
    One upper division English course or pass out by taking the English Composition Exam
  • Senior Design (8 units)
    A large-scale group project taken consecutively in the final Winter and Spring quarters at UC Davis. Under faculty supervision, students are lead through the process of brainstorming and designing an engineering project in Environmental Engineering. 
    *Note: Students double-majoring MUST complete Senior Design in Environmental Engineering.